An Experience The Parents Won't Forget

Parents serve as the primary manager and architect for their child’s career and help them understand the requirements for success. It is a daunting but achievable task. Training will entail thousands of hours during a career. Time needs to be spent efficiently and productively.

We coach parents to understand our core developmental beliefs:

  • Middle School Athletes Need Great Technique Training While Their Bodies are Growing.
  • Prep Athletes Need to Maximize Their Physical Ability and Refine their Technical Ability by 10th Grade to Demonstrate College Potential.
  • All Athletes Need to Continuously Strengthen Skills to Navigate the Recruiting Trail.
  • NFL Prospects will Refine Talents to Separate Themselves at NFL Combine and Pro-Day.
Legendary Coach Sam Wyche speaks with parents.

Legendary Former NFL Head Coach Sam Wyche, of the Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, speaks to parents.


At the Academy, we are experts at athlete development and are passionate about sharing that expertise over four educational and eye opening days – the most important link between the Academy and your child. Our break-out programming will focus on:

  • The Science and Foundation for Athlete Development
  • The Neuroscience of Football and On-Field Reaction
  • How to Create and Sustain an Effective Year-Round Training Program
  • How to Win the Starting Job
  • Providing the Motivational and Inspirational Support to Help Your Child Move Through the Plateaus Experienced at Each Level
  • Evaluating Your Son Objectively and His College Football Ability and Prospects

The Academy takes great pride in training athletes and assisting parents along this journey.

We invite you to attend, listen, learn, participate and leave with the education and skills necessary to succeed.

An athlete’s journey is shared by a parent. From the huge dreams to the thousands of hours of training, to the physical struggles and emotional ups and downs of the sport, our parents get a front row seat.