Meet HOF Academy Architect, Rich McGuinness

A member of the strategic planning team for the $500 million dollar Pro Football Hall of Fame Village, Richard McGuinness has been appointed to oversee and lead the new facility-based training called the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy. A former Division II wide receiver and creator of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl (NBC), Rich believes this role is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Rich’s personal defining moment occurred in 1988 at Giants Stadium – a moment that forever shaped his belief in football development. A few years before that night, Rich arrived at Santa Clara University as a wide receiver with excellent physical ability and measurables. But three seasons of limited playing time left him disappointed with his college career and searching for answers. Rich admired Phil McConkey, an Annapolis graduate and featured wide receiver on the New York Giants Super Bowl winning team. McGuinness compared to McConkey physically, but suspected there was a lot more to his own development for success.

Rich drove to Giants Stadium in the hopes of meeting McConkey. He jumped the fence to meet McConkey and questioned him about the missing ingredient. Although surprised, McConkey could see Rich’s commitment and determination. He gave Rich three hours of his time, imparting a unique education on how to be a great wide receiver. McConkey outlined his entire workout and underscored the secret of working hard every day - including the need to catch 500 balls daily. Rich followed his guidance and saw drastic improvement in his muscle memory and ability. Rich’s only regret was this career-changing education was not discovered and acted upon earlier.

Rich McGuinness Bio

  • Former Division II Wide Receiver, Santa Clara University.
  • Founder of AAG, created Nations's Biggest Football Training Program.
  • Created and ran the US ARMY All American Bowl on NBC for 15 Years.
  • Created the US ARMY Nation Combine, which annually tested and identified the nation's Top Underclassman.
  • Created the 30 city Football University, the most elite instructional experience in the country in which former and current NFL coaches trained almost 7.000 players annually.  Rich sold his interest in this organization in order to reimagine football in conjunction with the Hall of Fame. 



The experience that evening formed the basis for Rich’s passion for football development. He imagined a world where athletes, hungry for success and with a dedicated work ethic, would receive great coaching and training. For the last 20 years, Rich has been imagining and building this new world and training the nation’s top athletes. Rich created national football properties such as the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, Football University and the National Youth Football Championship. These premier properties developed and showcased the nation’s top football athletes in high school and middle school every year.

After selling his interest in those properties, Rich began to focus on the New World. Led by the emergence of 7v7 football nationally, in 2014, Rich launched the biggest 7v7 platform in the country called the adidas State Championship Series in 10 states that will feature close to 500 football teams. He also created Pro Day, a new NFL combine training program with renowned trainer Chip Smith that focuses on small school NFL prospects with big-time potential. Rich has also spent considerable time developing plans to reintroduce character development at the youth and prep level, an important but forgotten part in today’s national football debate.

Rich’s passion for elite athlete development led him to imagine the new world and the evolution of training for prep and middle school athletes.

Rich’s goal was to develop and define the new curriculum. Since leaving his old company (All-American Games), Rich has continued his search for training ideas and has met with top minds including top NFL coaches, college coaches, prep and youth coaches, sports scientists, movement experts, performance trainers, technology experts and leadership experts to better understand how to deliver the nation’s best and affordable training experience to the next generation.

The missing ingredient was a world-class facility where this one-of-a-kind training would live. Against the backdrop of the $500 million dollar Pro Football Hall of Fame Village, emerges the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy where top coaches, eager athletes and the latest training technology come together. This facility-based training also features a unique culture that promotes the timeless values that are the cornerstone of Pro Football Hall of Fame - the values that shape the character of young men.

Rich and his team are excited to carry out the Academy mission at a special place that will soon be the world’s leading training facility.